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The Metrics that Matter with Eric Martin: Aligning SDR and Marketing for Revenue Growth

May 24, 2023 Brianna Dunbar-DeMike & Eric Martin Season 1 Episode 4
The RevOps Baddie
The Metrics that Matter with Eric Martin: Aligning SDR and Marketing for Revenue Growth
Show Notes

Today, we are joined by Eric Martin, the VP of Demand Generation at Stack Overflow. Eric is here to share his insights on aligning Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Marketing teams for revenue growth by focusing on the metrics that matter.

Eric starts by highlighting the key metrics that SDRs and Marketing teams should track to align their efforts and achieve revenue growth. He emphasizes that tracking the right metrics can help measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in terms of lead generation and conversion and the performance of SDRs in terms of lead generation and qualification.

Eric explains that tracking and reporting of these metrics should be the responsibility of both teams and should be done using appropriate technologies. He shares how data can be used to identify and prioritize the key metrics that are most important to aligning the SDR and Marketing functions.

Eric discusses a specific example of how he has used data and metrics to align the SDR and Marketing teams at Stack Overflow. He emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the metrics tracked by the teams are aligned with the overall business goals and revenue targets.

Eric shares insights on how to identify and address gaps or inefficiencies in the lead generation and qualification process by using the right metrics. He also explains how to measure the impact of SDR and Marketing alignment on overall revenue growth and optimize the SDR and Marketing functions over time.

In conclusion, Eric emphasizes the importance of tracking and aligning the right metrics to achieve revenue growth by optimizing the SDR and Marketing functions. He shares his insights on how to use data and metrics to identify and address gaps, conflicts, and misalignment between the SDR and Marketing teams, and to continuously improve the overall revenue performance of the organization.

Introduction to today’s episode.
Outbound and inbound SDRs.
Measure it all the way through and allocate resources.
Who should own the metrics to report?
Practical perspective on technology selection.
Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
How do you know when to stop marketing efforts?
How big is the SDR team?
Aligning SDR and Marketing with business goals and targets.
Optimizing and improving performance.